HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik, Drolshagen, Germany

HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik

Robust & reliable

The robust and reliable technology is a feature of all HAUSHERR drill rigs.

A very cost-effective operation of the machines is achieved due to their extreme durability. As far as possible no electronic systems are used. The complete electronic control system is located in a control cabinet within the operator's cabin and thus well protected against negative environmental influences. For service and maintenance work all components are spaciously positioned and very easily accessible.

As a standard all large sized rigs are equipped with a central maintenance foot walk and can optionally also be equipped with catwalks on the side and rear of the cabin. The air conditioned cabins are generously dimensioned and offer not only excellent protection for the operator but also provide a high level of operating comfort with an excellent view of the work area. The cabins are sound- and climate insulated and they are equipped with tinted safety glass.

The pressurized cabin protects the operator from an infiltration of possibly health hazardous fine particulate matter. The cabin is mounted to the basic frame by a hydro-tapered bearing which ensures not only extremely high stability but also excellent shock absorption.

Safety, environmental protection and ergonomics

HAUSHERR drill rigs meet all current national and international requirements regarding safety, environmental protection and ergonomics. Lockable covers protect the rig from negative climate effects and unauthorized access. The sound proof canopies ensure outstanding noise protection. The averaged noise level within the cabin is about 75 dB(A).

Quality features of HAUSHERR drilling rigs

All components are from well-known brand manufactures such as Caterpillar, Siemens, Sauer-Danfoss, Rexroth, Webasto etc.
The feed of all machines is transferred by an extremely robust heavy-duty roller chain driven by a hydraulic motor and planetary gear. While having the same maximum value the feed and retraction pressures are independently adjustable. The hydraulic system is controlled electrically over hydraulic. All machines have sufficient power reserves.

HAUSHERR rotary heads are equipped with continuous leakage oil lubrication and cooling system which minimizes the wear and increases the service life.

All rotary heads have a pre-set flushing head and a floatingspindle. The large sized rigs are standardly equipped with a high powered dust collector. The lamellar filter elements consist of sintered and water-resistant special polyester plastic, which grants an extremely long durability. They offer highest filtration efficiency and environmental compatibility. The clean air values fall below the value of 1 mg/m³ - even with dust values of D50 < 1 ìm.

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