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HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik

The HBM series - rotary drilling and down the hole drilling

The machines of the HAUSHERR HBM-series can be used in blast hole and exploratory drilling in all scopes of open cast mining. They are not only suitable for rotary drilling but also for DTH drilling. The set-up time for each system is quick and the handling is easy.

All machines (except the HBM 60) are as a standard equipped with a slew ring with 90° pivoting angle. This allows the machine to travel parallel and with enough safety clearance to the quarry wall. Each rig has an on-board compressor, a rod magazine and a FOPScabin. The rigs are powered by CATERPILLAR-diesel engines with sufficient power reserves. Optionally an electric drive is possible. If required the rig can be mounted on a wheeled chassis instead of a crawler base.

The service free hydraulic rod handling magazine operates without sensors' technology. There is random access to the rods which allows for a uniform wear of each rod. Depending on the machine type usable lengths of the rods vary from 4 to 8 meters, with different rod diameters and magazine set-up.

Options for the HBM series:

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