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Presenting the new HBM 160

HAUSHERR HBM 160Drolshagen - With the introduction of the new HBM 160, HAUSHERR now offers a pioneering alternative among blast hole drilling machinery in the medium size range. Designed for use in all types of coal and ore mines, the HBM 160 sets new benchmarks in its class thanks to its especially sturdy design and numerous innovative details. The machine manufactured in the Drolshagen plant is suitable for both rotary drilling and DTH applications with various low-pressure or high-pressure compressors in the diameter range from 153 to about 203 mm (6 - ± 8 Inch). The application weight is about 41,500 kg, depending on version and design.

HBM 160A new, modern control concept makes operation easier while simplifying monitoring and fault diagnosis. The operating and service display can be used to select and show the machine status, operating information or fault messages. A diagnosis is now extensively possible without measuring equipment or specific technical expertise. The use of fewer components overall makes the complete system essentially failure-proof, while enabling diagnosis and thereby ensuring a high level of availability.

The rotary drilling variant of the HBM 160 is equipped with a single-stage screw compressor, this supplying 35 m³/min. (1235 cfm) at 7 bar (100 psi). The machine is powered by a Caterpillar C 15 diesel engine with 403 kW. Various high-pressure compressors are also available for DTH use with max. 36 m³/min. (1270 cfm) at up to 30 bar (435 psi). Diesel engines of various sizes are optionally available in line with TIER 3 or TIER 4f.

HBM 160 cabinThe drill rig is infinitely adjustable and lockable between 90° and 60°. The chain feed enables a maximum contact pressure of about 170 kN (37,500 lb bit load) onto the drilling tool along with a return force of 160 kN. In conjunction with the high torque of the drilling drive, this enables high drill performances and minimises the risk of rod or tool losses. The machine has a hydraulic pressure control for DTH operation. This allows the contact pressure to be adjusted precisely to the requirements of the relevant hammer. 6 drilling rods with a length of 9 m each are housed in the revolving magazine, normally with a diameter of 127 (5) or 140 mm (5 ½). The maximum drilling depth is therefore 63 m when using 7 rods.

Like all HAUSHERR machines, the different components are protected from unauthorised access and the effects of the weather by lockable cover hoods. The central walkway along with a walkway on the cab side ensure that all components are easily accessible for maintenance or repair purposes. By eliminating the need to disassemble other components, unnecessary complications are effectively avoided.

HBM 160A special highlight is the newly developed FOPS cab, this setting new standards when it comes to safety, ergonomics, space-saving and user-friendliness. All operating elements for the main functions are integrated in the new multifunction joysticks and in the armrests of the air-sprung and heated driver's seat. This can be rotated by 270° for entry and for driving or drilling operation, so that all operating and monitoring instruments can always be reached and read by the operator from a comfortable sitting position. Sound insulation features reduce the noise level inside the cab to less than 80 dB(A). Extensive safety glazing with tinted, heat-insulated panes ensures tremendous all-round vision of the entire working environment in every situation. The work field can also be illuminated optimally by diverse LED headlights in the dark. Cab heating, trace heating, air-conditioning and sun blinds make sure that the working conditions always remain pleasant whatever the weather conditions. A large roof window with wipers and wash system now enables an even better view of the rig tip. The heated windows at the front, sides and roof are also new, which means fogging will be a thing of the past. These are also freed of ice in just a few minutes in winter thanks to a thawing function. A ventilation system also ensures a continuous overpressure in the cab, this preventing potential penetration by harmful fine dusts. A sturdy sliding door with latching function reliably prevents unintentional slamming - by the wind for example - thereby averting accidents and injuries.

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